About us

Crowd Pleaser

Our first draught cider was fermented to dryness then matured into a clean, crisp cider.

We set up Darley Abbey Cider Company Ltd in March 2016 to realise a dream of producing great-tasting artisan cider using locally grown apples. This wasn't just about making great local cider but about creating a recognisable brand with a strong community ethos. Now in our second year, we expanded our range to include a sweet and dry cider in 330ml bottles, three-bottle gift packs and "Crowd Pleaser" our first draught cider.

This year's cider was made from over 40 varieties of apples. Each year’s vintage is unique. The flavour of our 2016 cider reflected the summer and combination of apple varieties used in that year. The same is true of our 2017 cider. But while the taste changes from year to year, our artisan approach and ethos remains the same.